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About us



Meet the Founder And CEO Leroy Palmer As a native of Chicago, it has always been a passion of mine to start a non-profit organization that focuses on social injustices, education, equality, literacy and closing the achievement gap. My spirit of service is driven by the scriptural words and my belief in God. To whom much is given, much is required. I am a proud product of the projects of the inner city of Chicago where I endured a lot of emotional trauma that has impacted my life. I am a firm believer that what you put in life, is what you get out of it. 


My mother instilled great core values in her children at a young age that were very instrumental to my upbringing. Being the second oldest of seven children, I have always found myself taking on leadership roles and modeling positive behaviors for my younger siblings. Growing up in a community that lacked resources of those of middle and upper class neighborhoods played a huge factor in my outlook on life and how I want to make a positive impact on my community today. I’ve overcome many obstacles in life such as gangs, violence, shootings, and drug trafficking. As a little boy my prayer daily was to make it out my neighborhood and to come back and help revitalize my community. My main objective has always been to serve those of whom have been marginalized for years, and to be able to close the achievement gap that has transpired because of that. I have always been an advocate for African-American achievement while taking initiatives in leadership positions surrounding building black excellence and awareness. I have been an avid proponent of promoting success in my community and will continue to be the voice that our children need in order to be successful. I have dedicated myself to elevating the state of the black and brown communities in which I come from. I am a proud educator with over fifteen years of experience in multiple roles, while currently serving as Middle School Dean Of Students at a Charter School on the south side of Chicago. I also hold a state of Illinois day care provider license servicing scholars in many capacities. I attended college at Missouri Valley College majoring in Education and Ashford University majoring in Special Education/Leadership Development. I enjoy traveling, roller skating, family time and cooking multiple meals for my three children Kylan, Kree and Koi.



To help young people build character and life skills through exposure to colleges and universities, the arts, and the world of work. Mentors will be apart of a team that takes responsibility of a child. Mentors spend time being adult friends to youth mentees by listening, building trust,  establishing a relationship, supporting and guiding the mentees.





Dream Big is an established 501c3 organization in the Greater Grand Crossing and Englewood community in Chicago. Our mission is to positively impact the lives of young people by providing adult support and learning opportunities that promote character development and life-enhancing values by teaching, training, motivating and providing educational tools to enhance the quality of life of individuals.



Dream Big has identified a lack of services to youth that focus on behavior change and integrate the needs of the entire family. Unfortunately, schools regularly suspend or expel scholars with behavioral issues and have strained communication with parents. Both students and parents typically are unaware or reluctant to enlist the help of social workers and therapists. As a result, the main response to behavioral issues is punitive with few resources and little chance of positive change. Young people are left without solutions, and families continue to be isolated from the help they need.

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